On March 22nd, 2013 at 1:00 PM (12:60), KLYC left the air for the last time. Its signoff has left the McMinnville community with no local commercial radio service and no local AM service. The two remaining broadcast stations licensed to McMinnville are KSLC, a university station and KKJC-LP, a Christian station. Both of these are non-commercial FM radio stations.

The final hours were broadcast live from the KLYC studios. On-air personalities were Eve Fuller, Lars Patrick, and Laurel "Stella" Bohnsack. The programming consisted of the hosts reminiscing about working at the station, music, and top-of-the-hour news updates. Some of the musical selections were obscure ones not typically heard on KLYC. As Fuller put it, some of these records were "...songs you'll never hear again." Here are unedited segments leading to the signoff:

For those who just want to hear the final moments, here they are.

NEW! Here is a scoped version of the broadcast. Just enough of each song and commercial has been left in to make them recognizable.

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